Neighborhood Image Midtown West

Midtown West

Also known as Clinton or Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West is one of the most well-known and most visited parts of Manhattan. While it’s a big center for tourism, it is also an amazing part of Manhattan to live in.

The pulse of Midtown West is the heartbeat of New York City—the bustle of the Big Apple, the skyscrapers, museums and the theaters that define the city are all compressed and rolled up into a few square blocks. Famous names like The Garment District and Hell's Kitchen belong to Midtown West.

With more than 700,000 people bustling to work, Midtown West is the busiest commercial district in the United States; but that's just part of the charm of this neighborhood.  A top attraction here is the Museum of Modern Art. You can also enjoy the New York Public Library, Bryant Park, or take a ride to the top of the Empire State Building to relax at the famous Russian Tea Room. Midtown West has plenty of theaters—36, in fact. You may have a harder time choosing a theater than choosing a movie! Grand Central Station is also a famous feature of Midtown West, along with Times Square.

Despite what you may think, transit in Midtown West can be a piece of cake, especially for those who work uptown and shop and play downtown. Central Park is a short walk away. 42nd Street and Columbus Circle are just a five minute train ride away, and Union Square is about a ten minute bus ride. In this neighborhood, there are fifteen trains stopping at seventeen stations to accommodate the high demand for public transit.

Living spaces include high-rise condos and smaller, prewar buildings, as well as huge loft spaces.  Also known as Clinton or Hell’s Kitchen, this district is both classic Old New York and also edgy and evolving.  There are busy commercial avenues and quiet tree-lined blocks dotted with late Nineteenth Century apartment buildings next to some of the most modern and newly constructed residences.   Ongoing new development west of Ninth Avenue and along the Hudson River make this area among the most up and coming.