Neighborhood Image Lower East Side

Lower East Side

Apartments in the East Village and Lower East Side are found mostly in low-rise buildings, although recent construction of new luxury condos and rentals has made these famously outrageous neighborhoods all the more eclectic in design. 

Among the ongoing renovations you will see buildings full of character and post-war appeal, tree-lined streets crammed full of small businesses, independent cafes, grocers and a big population. The Lower East Side also boasts some of the city's best nightlife, outstanding restaurants and shops that range from the bargain variety to posh gems.

Major sights in the Lower East Side include the Hamilton Fish Park, Lower East Side Tenement Museum, Seward Park and the Museum at Eldridge Street. For those more interested in the night life, the Lower East Side has some of the best comedy clubs, nightclubs, neighborhood bars and restaurants around. No matter what your scene, you're sure to find a venue to suit your tastes.

Public transportation is convenient in this neighborhood, with seven trains running daily from five subway stations. It takes roughly 15 minutes by train to get to Union Square, 42nd Street or Columbus Circle. However, this neighborhood is made for walking, and the wait at the train stations is rarely very long since most people prefer to "hoof it" from one place to another.