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Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park is surrounded by a square that recalls the grace of a bygone century with Victorian, beaux arts, gothic revival and mid-century modern architecture. Gramercy is something of an anomaly in Manhattan. The area combines some of the key features one would expect from New York City's most exciting borough — convenient access to everything worth seeing, housing with lots of character — while eliminating the hassles associated with city living. Its buildings have all the charm and grace of the city's oldest neighborhoods, but are sandwiched between modern shopping outlets and a few select parks.

Outdoor recreational areas such as Gramercy Park, Union Square and Madison Park; iconic restaurants such as 11 Madison Park, Craft, Hill Country and Pete’s Tavern, John Dory and the Breslin; conveniences such as banks, pharmacies, delis, gyms, dry cleaners, and take-out.

This neighborhood is the birthplace of Theodore Roosevelt, home to "The Block Beautiful", the Palladium, Stuyvesant Square and the famous Gramercy Park. The streets are fairly crowded with Saturday afternoon shoppers, but the neighborhood's unusually low number of bars and clubs mean that there's little of the rowdy nightlife of neighboring areas. There aren't an overabundance of restaurants either, but the established eateries of Gramercy range from moderately upscale, privately owned establishments to chain restaurants and fast food joints. For many locals, this quieter atmosphere has a charm all its own.

There are plenty of opportunities for shoppers to find a great deal in Gramercy, and a lot of green area where people can sit and unwind for a while — the neighborhood boasts more than 3,000 trees. You can enjoy a park bench in one of the area's many pleasant shady spots or relax under an umbrella at a small cafe. Gramercy is also convenient to public transportation: It takes roughly ten minutes to get to Union Square, Columbus Circle or 42nd Street by train. With twelve trains running through nine stations, it is easy to get around.

Widely considered one of the most beautiful places to live in New York, whatever you are looking for, you can find it here. There are modern lofts with lots of windows and open floor plans, but you will also find the townhouses and brownstones for which New York City is famous. There are a lot of pre-war buildings here with their oversized rooms, high ceilings and great details. You're sure to find a lot of character in Gramercy, no matter which style you prefer.